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Dealership hours of operation
Mon - Fri 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Dealership hours of operation
Mon - Fri 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sat 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Sun Closed
1515 Lansdowne St W, Peterborough, ON, K9J 7M3, Canada

Warranty Coverage

3 Year/ 60,000 KMS (Applicable On All New Vehicles, Non-Powertrain Covered Components)

Electrical: Alternator, electric window defogger, starter, factory-installed audio and video components and navigation systems, motors, modules, computers, controllers, distributor, sensors, pumps, switches and wiring harnesses, relays, power window gears, power antenna, horn, gauges, electronic instrument cluster, dealer-installed Mopar remote start, cigarette lighter, electric door lock solenoids, power sunroof motor, module and cables, passenger air bag, park assist and self-parking systems and components, bi-xenon HID headlamps and ballast, grill shutter actuator, adaptive cruise control components, blind spot detection sensors and modules, windshield mounted rain sensor and module, forward collision warning and lane departure/lane sense camera, air suspension compressor, sensor, module, and wiring harness.

Brakes/ABS: Master cylinder and cap, all hoses, tubes, lines and fittings, proportioning and load-sensing value, parking brake cables, hubs, levers, linkages, vacuum assist booster and valve, wheel cylinders and brake calipers, brake pedal and bushings, shields, adapters and rear brake supports. ABS hydraulic and pump motor assembly, controller, sensors and relays, electronic parking brake modules and switches. Seals and gaskets for listed components only.

Steering: Electric power steering gear and module and column housing and all internal parts, air bag module, power steering pump, pulley, all hoses, tubes and lines, intermediate shafts and couplings. Gaskets and seals for listed components only.

Engine Cooling System: Water pump pulley, radiator, fan assembly, clutch, shroud and motor, turbo intercooler, coolant tank, hoses, valves, lines and tubes.

Air Conditioning: Compressor, clutch assembly and pulley, condenser and evaporator, accumulator and receiver drier, all hoses, tubes and lines, fans, controls, cables, heater core, expansion valve, blower motor, O rings, switches, Gaskets and seals for listed components only.

Clutch: Cables, linages, cylinders, release bearing and fork.

Front Suspension: Front disconnecting stabilizer bar, including actuators and switches, air suspension system, including front spring and shock assembly, and reservoir, McPherson struts, control arms, shafts and bushings, torsion bar/sway bar, brackets, bushings and bearings, ball joints, front wheel bearings, shock absorbers, steering knuckle, tie rod ends and boots.

Rear Suspension: Air suspension system, including rear spring and shock assembly and reservoir, lower control arms, stub axle spindles, shock absorbers, axle track/sway bar, height-sensing valve, rear springs, bushings, U-bolts, hangers, isolators and shackles.

Body: Exterior door and rear view mirrors, seat mechanisms, door glass regulators, tracks, slides and runs, door catches, latches and hinges, lock cylinders, hood and lift gate props, door handles, engine mounts and supports.

Fuel System: Fuel pump, tank, throttle body, all reservoir, linkage and valves.


5 Year/ 100,000 KMS (Power Train Covered Components)

Engine: Cylinder block and all internal parts, supercharger, harmonic balancer, injection pump injector, oil cooler, clock heater, hoses, lines and tunes, heat control valve, core plugs, cylinder head and valve covers, oil pan, timing belts, chains and cover intake and exhaust manifolds, turbocharger and waste-gate actuator, water pump and housing. gaskets and seals for listed components only.

Transmission/Transfer Case: Case and all internal parts, oil pan, torque converter, flex plate, and flywheel, gearshift mechanism, cables, hoses and lines, oil cooler, supports and mounts. Gaskets and seals for listed components only.

Front-Wheel Drive: Transaxle case and all internal parts, oil pan and covers, toque converter, flex plate and flywheel, drive shafts, front wheel bearings, universal joints and boots, front axle disconnect. Gaskets and seals for listed components only.

Rear-Wheel, Four-Wheel, and All-Wheel Drive: Drive shafts and bearings, universal joints and yokes, axle housing, shafts, bearings and all internal parts. Gaskets and seals for listed components only.


5 Year/ 100,000 KMS (Roadside Assistance)

Towing: If your vehicle cannot be driven because of a mechanical breakdown not related to a motor vehicle accident, it will be towed at no charge to the nearest authorized FCA Canada Inc retailer which services your brand of vehicle. If required, the cost of dollies, flatbed, or underground access fees is covered.

Winching: If your vehicle is stuck in a ditch, mud, or snow adjacent to a publicly maintained roadway and is accessible, it will be winched to the road surface. If the vehicle cannot be driven and a tow is required, you are responsible for the tow and the winching.

Flat Tire: If you have a flat tire, your usable spare will be in stalled. Otherwise, the vehicle will be towed the the nearest service station. Tire repairs are not covered.

Out of Fuel: If your vehicle has run out of fuel, a small amount will be delivered free to your location. Where fuel delivery is prohibited, your vehicle will be towed to the nearest authorized FCA Canada Inc retailer.

Dead Battery: If your battery is dead, jump-start assistance will be dispatched to your location. If your battery does not respond, your vehicle will be towed to the nearest authorized FCA Canada Inc retailer.

Lockout: If you are locked out of your vehicle or your locks are frozen, help will be dispatched up to 100 kms to your location. Replacement of keys is not covered.

5 year/ 100,000 kms (Trip and Travel)

Trip Interruption: If your vehicle experiences a mechanical breakdown within the contract term limits and while at least 200 kms from home, up to $100 per day of hotel, meals, or return transportation (not including car rentals) expense can be claimed for reimbursement to a maximum of $300.

Travel Planning: On request by the contract owner, trip directions, maps and relevant points of interest and attractions will be issued in a customized package.


5 Year/ 100,000 KMS (Rental Vehicle)

Substitute transportation coverage starts on the date the Service Contract is purchased, subject to approval by FCA Canada Inc, and is in effect for the duration of the contract. A deductible does not apply.

The plan will pay for the rental of substitute transportation, provided your vehicle is inoperable and must be kept overnight at an FCA Canada Inc retailer for repairs covered by your Service Contract or vehicle warranty.

The plan will pay up to $50 per day for no more than 5 days maximum per occurrence.

Substitute transportation must be obtained through the servicing FCA Canada Inc retailer from a recognized and established rental agency.